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Off the Shelf Products

Ever wanted to lay your hands quickly on a commonly used legal document, a lease agreement or perhaps a letter of demand?


Well, this is exactly what we want to achieve with this product line!


We make available the most commonly used legal documents, which can be bought directly from our sales department sales@versterattorneys.co.za, at “cut throat” prizes without having to consult the attorneys first, also saving you those dreadful consultation fees.


These documents will be in a format which will enable you to customize it and effect personal requirements.  It is also user friendly and it should be easy to fill in all blank spaces to ensure the document meet all legal requirements.


We will on a continuous basis update and expand our database, but the current documents available will include the following:

• Contract of employment

* Annexure A – Job profile

* Annexure B – Payment of Employment Details

* Annexure C – Confirmation of Employment Details

* Annexure D – Pension Fund

• Fixed term Employment Agreement

• Leave Application form

• Mutual non-disclosure agreement

• Disciplinary code and procedure

* Part 1 – The code

* Part 2 – the procedure

* Charge Sheet

* Verbal Warning

* Written warning

* Final written waring

* Notice of attendance at Disciplinary hearing

* Part 1 – The procedure

* Part 2 – The form

* Part 1 – Non-performance code

* Part 2 – Non-performance procedure

* Non-performance hearing and appeal

* Performance rehabilitation program – code and procedure

* Notice of performance rehabilitation program


This Labour law package covers the full extent of the employer / employee relationship and can be acquired as a full package, or specific documents from the package can be bought individually.  As an add on service, we can assist with training of the relevant personnel who deal with the labor relations at a company.


By purchasing any of the “OFF THE SHELF” products / documents directly from the sales department of Verster Attorneys, the client confirms that the following terms and conditions has been brought under his/her attention, accepts and understands these terms and conditions and confirms that this is done without any undue influence and out of own free will.