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Business Assistance

With the daunting economy and increasingly complex legal requirements that companies and businesses are challenged with, we realized the need that continuous actions and assistance is needed for Businesses to Survive.

We also want to expand our services to a more "Hands On" approach, where our assistance to clients are more readily available, thus ensuring a more effective service with positive outcome in favor of our clients and at a more cost effective rate.

With these goals in mind, we decided to expand our services to our clients on a "MONTHLY RETAINER" basis for Companies/Businesses. Our services will include the following:

• Companies Act;

• Labour legislation;

• BEE;

• Popi;

• Tax & VAT;

• Employment Equity;

• Mediation;

• Arbitration

If we could be of any assistance in any or all of the above fields of expertise you are welcome to contact us to set up a meeting, free of obligation and costs, so that we can discuss your specific needs and prepare a tailor-made solution/assistance package for your business.